Are you tired after a long and daunting day at work? Do you feel exhausted even after a good hour at the gym? Or worse, are you battling ailments like digestive irregularities or Insomnia? Well, with the age-old remedy of bath salt, it is time to say adios to those problems and settle the score once and for all. The proper usage of Epsom bath salt can ease all types of pains and aches. It helps reduce and soothe your tired muscles. Here are the top advantages of using Epsom salt while bathing and an answer to how you can find such a bath salt online. Let’s dive in.

1. Natural detox

Epsom bath salts are Magnesium sulfate in a harmless concentration. It makes the water feel silkier and acts as a natural detox for the body drawing out the toxins from the pores allowing total regeneration of skin cells. Due to its laxative properties, people often use it as a granny remedy for constipation in various parts of the world.

garanium bathsalt

2. Cure for itching and inflammation

Are you suffering from itches that cannot be scratched? Fret no more as these bath salts are very effective in soothing itchy and dried-up skin. Healers often recommend patients to try out a bath using the Epsom salt or bath powder, especially in cases of inflammations, psoriasis, eczema, and arthritis. It is with allowing the affected areas to soak in for at least 15 mins.

3. Ingrown toenails

For all those who dread a good pedicure due to ingrown toenail, here is how you can gradually
remove it using Epsom bath salts in two simple steps:

Step-1: Purchase a good bath salt.

Step-2: Soak in your leg for 20 – 40 minutes, depending on your personal need, and let the bath salt do its trick. After frequent usage, you are sure to find some gratifying results. If bath salts are not available in your local bath and body works, you can procure bath salts online. From lemongrass to rose and lavender bath salts, these come in various flavor combinations.

4. Joint and muscle pain

While it is true that the post-workout glow-up is just fabulous, sadly, almost always, it is followed by aches all over the body. We know that salty water is more buoyant than regular water. Technically, 34% salt is what it takes to float you. Although dowsing yourself in a large amount of salt is not an option, you can always increase the buoyancy by adding bath salt. Do you ever wonder why do we need to float in a tub? Scientifically speaking, floating is said to reduce the pressure on your joints and muscles. It lets them heal on their own and provides pain relief for your sore muscles.

5. Skin hydration

Other attractive benefits include soothing those painful splinters, rehydrating, and moisturizing your skin. This gives a similar effect to that of using honey, glycerin, or vitamin B5. We highly recommend using a lotion or cream as soon as you step out to maximize the Epsom salt effect and retain the moisture.


Epsom bath salts are an all-in-one package that helps you recover naturally. From moisturization and rejuvenation to relaxation and more. Buying bath salts online is one hassle-free way to make your own home boutique and keep your skin looking fresh & young for a long time. Choose your favorite scent, fill the tub up to your optimum level, and you are ready to go.