Get ready to be swept away by the beautiful scent of white peonies. Whether you’re planning a romantic night in or just want to set the mood for a blissful day, this candle is sure to make you feel all the things. Plus, it comes in a sleek, modern design that ties in perfectly with the best of modern decor. Our White Peony candle is a heady mix of peony and lily of the valley. The strong floral notes give way to a hint of underlying jasmine is just right. The waxy white body of the candle gives the perfect amount of texture and weight to the scent. The packaging is simple but elegant, and the perfect way to bring this candle into your home.



Soya Wax Blend with Vegetable Butter
Paraffin Wax with Soya Wax Blend
Oil based Colour
Floral Blend Fragrance


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